Seisnetics™ Software

Seisnetics™ is a high-impact seismic software application that rapidly enhances the interpreter's ability to identify leads and prospects on 3D seismic volumes.

Our specialty software allows our clients to identify additional hydrocarbon opportunities that are easily missed.

Seisnetics™ fast-tracks hydrocarbon prospecting and quickly high-grades the petroleum potential of even the most complex geological environments.


  • Seisnetics™ renders a 3D geological perspective of thousands of extracted surfaces throughout the entire seismic.
  • It achieves clearly defined structural and stratigraphic terminations, facies maps and related attributes from an entire 3D volume derived from the analysis of wave-forms that evolve based on geology (rock or fluid content).

Trap Definition - Identification of both structural and stratigraphic terminations
Geometry and Trap Definition of Diapirs in low resolution data.

Conventional or Unconventional Data Sets
  • For conventional or unconventional data sets, the Seisnetics™ software captures variability in the individual wave-forms. The sub segmentation capability of Seisnetics™ allows for detailed reservoir definition and detection of anomalies and other missed subtleties.

Sub-Waveform Fitness Map integrated with Well Data to Generate Geological Facies Maps of the Reservoir Interval
Sub-Waveform analysis shows the transition from one fluvial environment to another

Seisnetics rapidly identified stratigraphic targets
Identification of additional field potential.

Exceptional Multi-disciplinary Interpretation Tool
  • A processed Seisnetics™ volume facilitates immediate collaboration & dialogue within multi-disciplinary teams. These results can then be exported to interpretation workstations as required

Why choose Seisnetics™?

  • Enables the examination of 100% of the data instead of the traditional < 10% or horizon focused.

  • Empowers 3D seismic facies capability along with waveform sub segmentation
  • Provides fast track and cost effective analysis for Acquisitions, Divestments and Corporate Reviews.
  • Advances high quality, unbiased results in an very timely manner
  • Extracts Amplitude, TWT and Fitness for all peaks and/or troughs GeoPops
  • Offers valuable insight in any tectonic and stratigraphic domain.

Seisnetics™ can be applied to single or many processing versions of the 3D datasets to build, and extend the geological and reservoir corporate knowledge base. Our application allows for an easy fit into any existing Workflows and on New Workflows.

Reservoir Characterization - TWT, Fitness and Amplitude
Seisnetics results in low quality seismic data At this well location, Seisnetics generated multiple GeoPops throughout the low signal-to-noise seismic volume

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