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Geological & Geophysical Reservoir Evaluation

3D Reservoir Definition & Seismic Surfaces

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GeoIntel uses The Suite of Products for the following companies:

High-end geophysical software that allows geophysicists from around the world to image the near-surface and subsurface areas with rough topography, complex near-surface and complex subsurface. Our products include both Surface Seismic Applications - TomoPlus; near-surface imaging & statics solutions, GeoThrust; seismic data processing system, VECON; surface seismic modeling and survey design and TomoXPro; crosswell processing system and MiVu™; microseismic processing system.

This Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven software accelerates Oil and Gas finding using a unique approach to facies mapping to enhance petroleum systems knowledge and reservoir definition. Seisnetics brings geological relevance to seismic data and leads to precise well placement in frontier and mature basins. Every seismic wavelet is optimized to mine crucial information from your entire 3D volume.

A series of close-the-loop technologies, created through the integration of geophysics, reservoir engineering and multi-disciplinary data fusion to improve reservoir characterization, modeling, numerical simulation / reserves analysis and enhanced oil recovery. Ask about our 7 software products.

Revolutionize the Interpretation Workflow to Optimize Seismic & Well Data

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Find More Oil and Gas
Increase Reserves and Resources
Risk Analysis
Optimizes resources, quantify uncertainty & minimize risk

Cycle Time Reduction
Reduces cycle time to develop Leads into drilling locations
Team Collaboration
Enables multi-disciplinary team collaboration

Decision Making
Facilitates more informed management
Cost Effective
Interpretation Time Savings.
From several months to days.

Optimize Resources, Quantify Uncertainty & Minimize Risk

Applicable to Entire Exploration & Production Cycle

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